The most successful SMS marketers are those who have a thorough understanding of the medium and know how to apply it to get results.

Follow these tips from our top company SMS service specialists to ensure that your text message marketing efforts are a success.

Opt-in Audience

SMS messaging are not the best way to reach out to new audiences. Sending unwanted messages to a purchased phone list will almost certainly result in complaints, ill will among your recipients, and a loss of market trust.

Opt-in audiences, on the other hand, are already receptive to your messaging and promotions. It can be easier than you think to create opt-in phone lists. Make text-to-win offers, hold text contests, and collect phone numbers during trade shows and events. Make sure your recipients can easily opt out of your phone list with each communication.

Business SMS Strategy Declare your identity

When members of your mailing list receive your messages, you want them to know that they are coming from your company. Always use your company name as the sender, unless federal rules forbid you from doing so. As a result, your brand name will appear in the massaging application used by your recipients.

To do so, several countries demand registration. Make sure to incorporate your brand name in the first few words of the message in such places. Customers will be able to see who is contacting them, and your brand name will most likely appear on the notification for your message.

Short URLs with a Personal Touch

Short URLs are shorter than conventional website URLs and contain fewer characters., a well-known link compressor, can compress a link containing hundreds of characters into a few dozen. When dealing with character constraints in an SMS, this is critical.

Marketers who want to get more out of their text messages, on the other hand, could consider using customized short URLs. At SMS Connexion we use our own link shortener service – These URLs can begin with your brand name, even if they are in short form like a According to studies, branded links attract up to 39% more hits than generic short ones.

Messages That Are Personalized

When brands tailor messages to specific individuals, it helps to strengthen the bond between the brand and the recipient. The communications are more relevant, and the buyer perceives the brand as a partner rather than a competitor.

Personalization can come in a variety of forms. In some cases, the recipient's name is used, while in others, the offer is tailored to the buyer's previous interactions with the brand. This method, in either case, tends to enhance conversion and response rates.

UTMs that can be tracked

UTMs are a tracking mechanism used by Google Analytics to track online traffic. While your bulk text company should be able to tell you how many people clicked on your link, the UTM can tell you what occurred once they got to your website.

UTMs can tell you how long visitors stayed on your site, what pages they looked at, and whether they bought something or downloaded a white paper. UTMs are useful in A/B testing because they allow marketers to see not just which message received the most traffic, but also whether the traffic was of higher quality.



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