That is why the reliability of text messages is critical. If you are utilizing SMS as a marketing tool, you will want to know what percentage of your clients really receive your messages.

The higher the number of persons to whom you send SMS from your phone, the lower your delivery rate is going to be. Most of us have encountered the message "failed to send."

The best part is that business texting services are designed to send out large amounts of text messages. As a result, you won't have to worry about a backlog or long delivery times when you launch your new SMS marketing campaign.

What is Text Message Reliability?

Two measures make up the reliability of SMS Messaging:

  • The proportion of text messages that are delivered (delivery rates)
  • The proportion of text messages that are opened (open rates)

We wouldn't expect you to consider SMS a reliable communication medium if 99% of your text messages are delivered but only 20% are opened. If 99% of SMS messages were opened but only 20% were delivered, the same can be argued.

Instead, the delivery and open rate of text messages can be used to derive an overall reliability indicator.

What is the Importance of Text Message Reliability?

To express, the higher your return on investment, the more people who receive and open your text messages (ROI).

However, whether using a pay-per-message system or a credit-based pricing plan, it's crucial to remember that businesses pay every message sent out. If you spend $15 per month to send out 100 messages, your return on investment is determined by the number of people who receive and open them. Over 98% of text messages are delivered, matching texting's 98% open rate, so you shouldn't be too concerned.

The majority of issues come when companies try to send out mass messages without the proper mechanism in place. Using your cell phone to send a broadcast to hundreds (or thousands) of customers isn't going to cut it.

What Makes You Think a Text Message isn't Reliable?

You've probably encountered the backlog issue if you've ever tried to send many messages one after the other.

One bulk text message is waiting to be delivered, then another joins the queue, and your carrier becomes overburdened, and each SMS fails to deliver.

It's understandable, then, that sending a text message to a huge contact list could cause problems with delivery. That is, if you utilize your phone's default texting software.

No matter how many online SMS you send at once, business texting services are designed to ensure that they reach your contacts as quickly and easily as possible.

Of However, some aspects of deliverability are beyond the control of even a texting service:

  • The contact phone number you have is no longer active
  • For an extended period of time, the contact has been without phone service
  • The contact's carrier has marked your communication as spam
  • Issues with the contact's carrier's network
  • Your phone number has been blacklisted by the contact

Ways to Make Text Messages More Reliable

You should be able to improve your SMS messaging reliability by tackling each statistic with the following techniques.

Updating Your Contact List

You must keep your contact list current and up-to-date in order to get the most out of it. Clean up any numbers that are no longer in use, or send out a bulk email asking if people want to stay on the list.

While this may appear to be a difficult task, but it is not. When it comes to enhancing your text message reliability, we all know that renewing and maintaining your contact list is rule number one.

Create distinct SMS Campaigns for each type of communication

Your contacts will only receive SMS from you that provide relevant information if you segment your audience. Subscribers who only receive compelling content are considerably less likely to unsubscribe.

Give your contacts a heads-up on what to expect

You don't have to keep the contents of your text messages a secret. Sign-ups are more likely to open their messages if they know what they're getting.

As a customer, you're more likely to open communications if you know you've signed up for discounts and special offers. If the communications you receive have no context, you may quickly lose interest and unsubscribe from the mailing list.


One of the reasons SMS Messaging is so popular is because it is so reliable. You need to cut through the noise as a business or marketer, and SMS open and delivery rates demonstrate why it's the most effective marketing tool for doing so.

Using a corporate texting service like SMS Connexion, you can ensure that your recipients don't miss out on text messages.



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