Before we go into the benefits and how and why texting works so well, let's take a look at why you should text for business.

  • Email Open Rates: On average, 18% of emails are opened.
  • Text Open Rates: On average, more than 98% of texts are opened.
  • The typical person checks his emails 18 times per day and his smartphone 150 times per day.

If these figures aren't convincing enough, consider that 174 million people text everyday and 91 million people use Facebook on a regular basis. And that's just in the United States.

When you put all of this together, it's easy to see how texting is holding its own as a key communication medium.

Making the Case for Business Texting in a Cost-Effective Way

Budget Friendly

Using texting as a marketing and sales communication tool, on the other hand, widens your communication outreach rather than your budget. Texting is cost-effective and effective for many types of businesses, from startups to large corporations. Texting is a channel to explore for those wishing to kick-start a marketing campaign, whether on a tight budget or not. Your campaign's performance will benefit from the increased ROI.

Personalizes the Content

The email is no longer personal. A mobile device, on the other hand, is. As a result, every mobile device activity becomes a lot more personal. Texts, in their purest form, are brief, concise, and guarantee immediate delivery. That, in and of itself, is a compelling value proposition. When you combine that with some personalization, you'll have your most valuable client touch point. When sent at the right time, a text message may do a lot more than merely engage your customers. It has the potential to increase consumer loyalty and retention on a personal level. Something that today's emails are unable to accomplish.

Immediately Engaged

Texting encourages interaction. That's all there is to it. SMS messaging is quick and clear, whether you're at your child's athletic event or in between meetings. The language is short and accurate, and responding is simple without switching devices or networks. Given that we check our phones 150 times per day, texting is a quick and easy way to communicate with consumers, employees, and potential business partners.

Texting Is Beneficial to All Businesses

SMS Text Messaging and Bulk Text Messaging works for everyone, whether it's a salon, a restaurant, a spa, or a shipping company. It can be used by non-profits to increase volunteer participation. It can be used by educational institutions to keep students informed about schedules and forthcoming events.

Multiple phone calls to a logistics business to track delivery status can be reduced by sending an SMS. SMS Messaging can be used by restaurants and hotels to send out special deals and update guests about availability or reservation confirmations. Loan officers can utilize it to notify consumers about loan statuses in real time. Simply put, it's a system that every company can utilize to successfully attract, engage, win, and retain customers. Every person with a mobile phone texts. Every person is a member of a business's target market.



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