Create new API Key

The SMS API is protected against unauthorized use by limiting API requests to only those with valid authentication credentials. These credentials are in the form of an API key or Access Token (Oauth 2.0).

This article explain how to create, disable, and use a SMS Connexion API Key.

The API key is a unique identifier that authenticates requests associated with your account.

Steps to create and use a new API Key

  1. After logging in to your SMS.CX account, go to HTTP API > API Keys and click on the button New API Key.

    Optionally give your API Key a name or purpose, and then click the Create button.

  2. The new API Key has been created, and you can copy it by clicking the Copy button and pasting it into your code:

    You can always delete an API Key or disable it by turn it ON or OFF.

Security recommendations

  • Your API keys should not be kept directly in your code. Keeping them as environment variables has a lot of advantages.
  • You can create as many API keys as you want, and for security's purpose, it is best to use multiple API keys instead of just one.
  • From the SMS.CX Dashboard, create a list of allowed IP addreses to restrict the use of API keys only to that list. This prevents unauthorized access in case your API Keys have been compromised.

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