How can I diagnose and fix Sender ID problems when sending SMS messages?

Regarding the sender ID type that may be utilized, each destination country has its own specific guidelines. Carriers have implemented restrictions, which may prevent some messages from being delivered or cause sender IDs to be overwritten. In order for the carrier to accept sender IDs in some countries, they must first be pre-registered.

To enable you successfully communicate in various countries, the SMS.CX Dashboard has in-depth Country Information pages that provide information on regulations and compliance.

Note: Customers are required to conform to all applicable laws and procedures specific to that country when sending SMS messages to different countries.

If the Sender ID is not the one you set up to send SMS messages to the recipients

Fix: Register your sender ID in the country where you intend to deliver SMS.
To register your Sender ID, follow the guidelines in Requesting Sender IDs for SMS Messaging.

It should be noted that if you send SMS messages to a nation that requires a pre-registered Sender ID, the ID may be overwritten if you use an unregistered Sender ID.
For a list of the countries that require a pre-registered Sender ID, see Countries Features and Restrictions.

If your SMS messages fail to deliver or are blocked when you use a Sender ID


  • Check that your messages are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country to which you are sending messages.

    For further information see Countries features and restrictions.

  • Check to see if the country you're sending a message to needs a pre-registered message template.

    Refer to Countries features and restrictions for a list of countries requiring a pre-registered message template.

    Please keep in mind that if you're delivering SMS messages to India, you must also pre-register your Sender ID and message templates with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
  • Ensure that you only use your own registered brands or trademarks as Sender IDs.

If your Sender ID is not functioning in particular countries


  • Verify whether the nation to which you are sending messages accepts Sender IDs. If the destination country does not accept Sender IDs, your messages will be sent using one of the other supported origination numbers.

    Visit Supported Countries Features and Restrictions for a list of countries that support Sender IDs.

  • Verify whether the country to which you are sending SMS requires a Sender ID that has already been registered and/or message templates.

    See Countries Features and Restrictions for a list of countries that demand a pre-registered Sender ID and/or message templates.

Follow the directions under Requesting Sender IDs for SMS messaging with SMS Connexion to register your Sender ID and/or message templates in specific countries.

Please take note that not all countries allow Sender IDs. In countries and areas where Sender IDs aren't supported, SMS messages are being sent using supported origination numbers or person-to-person (P2P) long codes.

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