Number validation vs Number lookup vs Number verify

The main difference between phone number validation, phone number lookup, and phone number verify is the purpose and functionality of each service.

In this article we'll explain the features of each above mentioned service and how much they cost.

Number validation

Phone number validation is a service that checks the format of a phone number to confirm it is in the right format for that country code. The service helps find phone numbers that are invalid or incomplete, but it doesn't provide any information about the network status of the number (active or inactive).

SMS Connexion's phone number validation service is free to use for up to 40.000 validated numbers per API request or 15.000 validated numbers per request from the online bulk phone validator tool. There is no limit on how many numbers you can validate per day.

Example of bulk phone number validation online tool

Bulk Phone Validator Online Tool

You can validate numbers using the online tool or the phone number validation API. To use the API, you must create an account.

Number lookup

Phone number lookup, on the other hand, involves checking the phone number against the database of the network carrier to verify that it is a valid and active number. This service can provide additional information about the number, such as whether it is currently active in the network or has been ported to a different carrier.

Phone number lookup (also called HLR lookup) typically incurs a fee, as it requires access to the carrier's database and the use of specialized tools to perform the lookup.

After a phone number carrier lookup, the following information is always returned:

  • The status of the number (active or inactive)
  • The name of the mobile network operator that the number is registered with
  • Whether the mobile phone number has been ported and the new mobile network operator that the number is registered with (if applicable)
  • The country associated with the number
  • The current roaming status of the number (if applicable)

Phone number carrier lookup is performed in real-time in the carrier database and it ensures that the information provided is always accurate and up-to-date.

Example of bulk phone number lookup from web platform

Bulk phone number carrier lookup online platform

To perform phone number lookup, you can either use the web platform or the phone number lookup API. Note that an account is required to use both the web platform and the API.

Number verify

Phone number verify, also known as OTP SMS, is a security mechanism that involves sending an SMS with a one-time passcode (OTP) to the recipient's phone number. To complete the verification process, the user must provide the correct PIN code received trough SMS, which helps to confirm the identity of the owner of the phone number and protect against unauthorized access or fraud..

Phone number verification is often used for security purposes. For example, when creating an account or confirming a financial transaction it is necessary to verify the user's identity. The user must have access to the phone number to receive the SMS message and provide the correct code or response to complete the verification process.

Phone number verification also incurs a cost, as it involves sending a SMS message to the recipient phone.

The phone number verification service can only be accessed through the OTP SMS API. Before using the API, you must first register for an account at SMS Connexion.

Features comparison

Feature Number validation
Number lookup
Number verify
cost of SMS to receiver
Landline support
Mobile support
Number format check
Portability details
Roaming details
Number active details
Call barring details
Ownership confirmation
Bulk processing
Web platform access
API access


In summary, phone number validation checks the format of the number, phone number lookup checks the status and availability of the number, and phone number OTP verify uses the number for security purposes.

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