Getting started - Account verification

SMS Connexion offers text messaging services in more than 200 countries. Each of these countries has its own rules about telecommunications services, and we work with carriers all over the world whose rules we must follow.

On the SMS Connexion platform, we have put in place measures to proactively verify account signups. This is to make sure we are following the rules and to stop things like SMS phishing and unwanted texts.

What's next after creating an SMS Connexion account?

We require our customers to go through the account verification process in order to rule out any fraudulent behavior, which has become increasingly widespread in this day and age. This enables us to learn more about your company and provide the best possible support and direction along the route. If you haven't finished the account verification process, you'll have restrictions on your account.

The restrictions are:

  • You will not be able to make payments to get credit
  • Your account can only send single SMS, not SMS campaigns

How can I be confirmed?

Filling out your company's information in the "Billing Details" area of our account is the first step in completing the verification procedure. Under Billing Details, complete the necessary details.

We also recommend utilizing your company's domain-based email addresses when joining up so that you can be quickly recognized.

After you've successfully finished the previous step, SMS Connexion will evaluate your request. We routinely ask for more details, such as clarifications about your business or examples of text message content. We could also inquire about the the target countries, the number of messages sent each month, and whether you have any plans to reach out to more countries.

These inquiries enable us to learn more about your company, which helps us assist your integration with SMS Connexion much more effectively. Additionally, being aware of target countries enables us to provide you with the most recent information on any applicable regulations.

Why was my account with SMS Connexion locked at signup?

In order to provide telecommunication services all over the world, SMS Connexion is necessary to abide by local legislation.

To ensure global compliance with such legislation, we conduct a risk assessment on all new customer signups.

If our review reveals a high risk, we may place an account on a temporary lock list, indicating that we cannot offer service to them at this moment.

How can I get my account unlocked

You will be unable to log in to your SMS Connexion account, and you will receive a notification stating that your account has been locked.

To seek a revision in account limitation, please submit a support ticket with the following mandatory information:

  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Use case description (e.g., OTP, order tracking)
  • Provide a sample text message
  • Countries to which you plan to send traffic
  • Estimated monthly traffic
  • Estimated monthly spending

Requests are reviewed by our accounts team, and they should be able to get back to you within 5-7 few business days.

My request was denied. What could have caused this?

When insufficient details are submitted to our support team, we reject the case. SMS Connexion has a zero-tolerance policy for the following practices, and all requests linked to them will be refused immediately:

  • High-risk credit card purchases
  • Complaints from carriers concerning traffic and content
  • Phishing, spamming, and breaching our our terms of service and acceptable use policy
  • Using other organizations' sender IDs (eg. Apple, Governments, Banks etc.)

If our team does not believe that limitation should be removed, your request will be denied.

Our SMS API can be integrated in a few easy steps. Read "Introduction to SMS API" for additional information.

To get started with the Web Platform, check out this guide.

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