Are my text templates required to be registered and approved?

Every country has its own specific laws and regulations. Certain countries demand that you pre-register the text template you'll use for your SMS campaigns.

In some countries, for each different type of message you intend to send, you may be required to utilize a pre-registered template. Your SMS messages will be blocked if you don't meet this condition.

Get in touch with SMS Connexion support to register a text template. When you get in touch with us about this, give us the same information you would give us if you wanted a sender ID.

For additional information, please see Requesting sender IDs for SMS messaging with SMS Connexion.

In other countries, in order to be approved, consumers must fulfill additional, detailed requirements or adhere to specified limits. In such situations, SMS Connexion Support may need more details from you.

Note: You must first submit your message templates for approval through SMS Connexion support in order to send messages to China.

Flowchart diagram for step-by-step text template verifications

Flowchart diagram text template pre-registration verifications

See Countries Features and Restrictions for a list of countries requiring a pre-registered message template.

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