What is Opt-In and Opt-Out?


The opt-in function entails obtaining the customer's consent to send promotional materials and messages to his or her email, mobile number, or chat application. "Opt-in" is the term used to indicate when a user must take a purposeful action in order to be included to a mailing list or to get authorization to send them marketing communications by SMS or email.

Getting a customer's permission to send them marketing messages and materials via mobile device, chat application or email is known as the "opt-in" function. The phrase "opt-in" is used to describe situations in which a user must voluntarily act in order to be included to a mailing list or to give permission for marketing communications to be sent to them through SMS or email.

Typically, marketing teams use messaging to advertise unique last-minute discounts, promotional offers or modifications to the terms and conditions.

The opt-in option is frequently provided via short codes or web forms, allowing customers to opt-in without incurring any additional costs per communication. Opt-in is closely linked to opt-out, which is used to allow customers to unsubscribe from receiving messages.

The approach varies from country to country, and in some, the opt-out function is a required part of the message wording. Instructions on how to opt-out are included at the bottom of each message. Viber, for example, has an opt-out option for A2P communications near the top of the chat group.


The opt-out function allows a client to request that promotional materials and messages be stopped from being sent to his or her email, mobile number, or chat application. Users have the freedom to refuse marketing communications, which is the polar opposite of "Opt-In," and brands should (and must) make it easy for them to do so.

Why do they matter?

Successful marketing initiatives rely on relationships of trust.

Opt-in campaigns provide a business with the assurance that users actually want to receive their communications, increasing the likelihood of interaction and, eventually, a completed sale.

Sending unrequested SMS marketing campaigns, on the other hand, will harm your relationship with that customer and further alienate them from the sales funnel.

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