How to import your telephone numbers into the Web Platform

The contact manager in your Web Platform account gives you many ways to import your phone numbers, which are organized into groups.

One of the most essential resources at your disposal is a list of contacts organized into groups. It can help you effortlessly send out campaigns or notification messages to certain groups.

Summary of steps:

  • Create a group, for example "Marketing Campaign 1.0"
  • Add contacts by importing .csv or.xls files or copying and pasting

Steps to import contacts

  1. Login to your account and follow this path: Contacts > New Group.

    On the following screen, enter a group name and choose a phone number format.

    Phone numbers can be imported in different multiple formats, mixed formats national with international:

    • National format: phone numbers in any national format are allowed: eg. (234) 567-89xx, 07400 6737xx, 0740-067-37xx.
    • International format: make sure you include the leading "+" sign if you enter a phone number in international E.164 format (+12345678901)

    If your numbers are in national format, you must select their country code in order for them to be properly validated by the platform. You can select multiple country codes at once.

    Click "Validate" after selecting the Excel or CSV file on your computer that contains the contacts.

    In addition to the phone number, the imported file may also include additional contact-related details (up to 5 variables: first name, last name, email, and more). Example of Excel file with additional fields:

  2. The platform processes the imported file and displays the first five rows as a preview.

    From the "Phone Number" options list, you must select the column containing the phone numbers (required), and if you wish to import additional data from the file, select the corresponding column. Click "Validate" to complete import of contacts.

  3. The phone numbers are validated and imported into the newly created group, along with the additional contact data you selected (first name, last name, email, etc.).

    The Web Platform has a number of built-in tools to help you clean your data quickly and correctly. For example, it will:

    • Remove invalid numbers
    • Remove duplicate numbers
    • Keep only mobile numbers (remove landlines)
    • Format the phone numbers using the E.164 format (for example, +44748088651XX)

    An overview of the imported contacts will be shown, including the number of contacts in each country and how much it would cost to send one SMS part to them.

Note: The phone numbers, names, and email addresses used in this example are fictional and don't belong to real people.

With SMS Connexion, your data is secure

We know that your contact information is important to you and your business. SMS Connexion is in line with the law when it comes to how we handle all customer data. We won't give any of your information to third parties. We'll keep it private, safe, and in line with the GDPR.

Please look at our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

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