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Prices exclude VAT, in accordance with the 2006/112/CE Directive, modified on 01/01/2015. VAT may vary according to the customer's country of residence.

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Secure & Flexible Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay via regular bank transfer by requesting an invoice on our payment page – SMS credit will be added after your bank transfer has cleared.

Accepted payment methods

Frequently Asked Questions

You must buy SMS credit in order to use SMS Connexion to send SMS messages. The price per SMS is determined by how many SMS messages you intend to send each month as well as the countries to which you'll be sending them. You can calculate an estimate using our pricing calculator.

By creating an invoice from your account, you may quickly purchase SMS Connexion credit using a credit card or a standard bank transfer. After your bank transfer has been successfully processed, your SMS credits will be credited to your account balance.

SMS Connexion doesn't store or collect any credit card or payment information. All payments are processed by your credit card provider, Stripe or your own bank, depending on the payment method selected.

Credit/Debit Card Payment
If you pay with a credit/debit card (payment processed by Stripe), your SMS credit will be added immediately.
Note: It can take up to 24 hours for the order to be approved if the payment processor fraud prevention tool detects a high risk score.

Bank Transfer
If you send money via bank transfer, as soon as we receive it, we'll credit your account.

You can occasionally discover that not all of your SMS messages were received. Typically, this is the result of factors beyond SMS Connexion's control. The recipient's mobile phone may be off or outside the coverage region, for instance, which can result in delivery failure:

  • The recipient’s mobile phone is switched off or is out of the coverage area.
  • The mobile provider is experiencing difficulties.
  • The phone number is roaming (abroad).
  • The sender ID you are using is restricted by a specific operator or country.
  • The SMS is being blocked by the carrier network.
Find out more about the most typical causes of undelivered messages. We are required to charge you for each message sent, regardless of whether it was delivered or not, because every message sent has a fixed cost for SMS Connexion.

EU customers
VAT is a tax that applies to companies with offices in the European Union (EU). To prevent SMS Connexion from charging VAT, EU clients with a company-registered VAT number can add this to their account settings. All EU customers, however, will be assessed VAT at the regular rate based on their country of residence tax rate if they do not have a VAT number.

Customers outside EU
VAT will not be applied to customers from outside the EU.

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