This feature can be set through the account settings in the Account Dashboard. During the quiet hours, any SMS marketing messages sent will be scheduled (delayed) until the designated time period has ended. This feature can make SMS marketing campaigns more effective by ensuring that text messages are only sent when they are likely to be read and appreciated by the recipient.

"Quiet Hours" feature can be useful if you send SMS to customers around the globe and you want to respect their local time zones and avoid sending messages during their nighttime hours.

For example, let's say you are sending bulk SMS marketing campaign to customers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. You might set quiet hours from 9PM to 8AM (or 21 to 8 in 24-hour clock) in each time zone to ensure that you are not sending messages during the overnight hours.

If you are located in Barcelona, Spain, your timezone is UTC/GMT+1. If you are sending a bulk SMS campaign at 16:00 to customers located in New York (UTC-5), San Francisco (UTC-8), Tokyo (UTC+9), Moscow (UTC+3), Paris (UTC+1), our platform will recognize that the customers in New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo are within the "Quiet Hours" period, and will schedule the SMS message at the end of the time period, respectively at 08:01 AM.

Please see the below representation of the time in the cities mentioned in above example, organized by timezone:

Example of Quiet Hours detection when sending SMS campaigns

Some countries may have laws that prohibit sending SMS messages to consumers during certain hours of the day. These legal requirements are intended to prevent SMS messages from disturbing people while they are sleeping or otherwise engaged in activities that could be disrupted by an incoming SMS.

The "Quiet Hours" feature also helps you comply with "Do not disturb" requirements, which are legal requirements that must be followed in order to comply with the law in specific destinations and avoid potential fines or penalties.

This feature applies to SMS traffic sent through SMS Connexion's Web Platform as well as through the SMS API.

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